Research with people over sixty

How to understand people over sixty

The key to understanding people over sixty is recognising that there are many ways to age, whether that means adapting to the changes brought on by age, and/or choosing to actively create change. For example, we see some people finding new meaning in their lives by 'reinventing' themselves or by 'rediscovering' themselves.

It is also helps to recognise that what matters to someone at at 60 will probably change at 70 and again at 80, 90 or 100! 

Why are we interested in this market?

There is nothing like reaching the age of 60 yourself and looking around at your peers, to realise that this is not one homogenous group. We were not all the same in our 20s' after all, so why we would all the be the sane in our 60's?

With that very much in mind, we set out to use our research experience and personal knowledge to develop research techniques to show marketers and policy makers how to talk to this market in ways that will resonate and how to develop products and services that they will desire.

Our new product range for the over sixties market

Research services specifically designed for researching the over sixties market

These research and testing products will be perfect for you if you market products and services to people over sixty, and if you are a government agency or not-for-profit focusing on retirement or aged care.

  • Customer interviews will teach you how this market thinks, what they feel and what they want and how they make sense of their world.

  • Concept testing will show you how to innovate for this target market.

  • Behaviour, attitudes and motivations research will help you understand this target market in depth - how they are changing in this changing world?

  • App and user testing will help you understand the digital capability of this market.



Next steps

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The results of our 2021 'Sixty somethings' survey

For a long time now, I have been feeling that marketers misunderstand the sixties market.  I have invested considerable time and money in this market segment so that Susan Bell Research can help our clients develop products, services and experiences and communications that resonate with people aged 60 and over. Here's an infographic with some of our recent data:

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How COVID19 affected retirement planning in 2020

How has the COVID 19 pandemic affected the retirement plans and expectations of people over 55 in Australia. Our infographic from 2020 shows you:

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What 55 pluses think about retirement

This was the first set of data from our 2020  survey of men and women 55 years and older to be released. The infographic shows tells us what people in this age group who are currently in the workforce think about retirement.

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