Our work with not for profit clients

Practical help for a not-for-profit organisation

"The research that you had provided to us helped us in identifying ways to tap into our markets and also identifying who the markets were". Not for profit organisation.

Research to help develop and communicate their services

We understand how competitive the landscape can be for not-for-profit organisations and how you have to compete for funds and support, with much passion but limited resources

How we help

We have conducted qualitative and survey research with, stakeholders of all kinds. We have worked on:

√  Audience, sponsorship and donation research for the Arts

√  Audience, readership research and communication strategies for Associations

√  Stakeholder research, brand positioning and client satisfaction for not for profit organisations in different sectors.

In the disability and aged care sector, we have worked with

√  People with a disability including dementia, and their carers

√  Health care professionals

√ Recipients of social security.

Research on sensitive topics and with people in vulnerable situations

We conduct many projects on emotional, sensitive or challenging topics, and are very experienced interviewing people who are disabled or distressed or whose circumstances have made them vulnerable

Examples of our research on sensitive topics and with people in vulnerable situations

  • Customers who are in difficult or challenging circumstances of various kinds,

  • Victims of crimes such as investment fraud, burglary or assault,

  • People who have been denied welfare, or who have sought compensation,

  • Older people facing decisions about health and aged care,

  • People with disabilities and illnesses,

  • People worried about pap smears or embarrassed by things like facial scarring.

This can be qualitative or quantitative research. Qualitatively, these are reflective, listening-based projects relying heavily on one-on-one interviewing. We custom-design projective and expressive techniques to help people recollect and reflect.

We conduct our research on sensitive topics and with people in vulnerable situations for Government and not-for-profit organisations, personal care and wellness companies, and for product manufacturers or service providers who help people with sensitive or difficult problems.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Case study: National Welfare Rights Network

A real challenge for not-for-profit clients is gaining independent and objective feedback about how well they are meeting the needs of their stakeholders, especially when stakeholder needs can be very diverse. Predicting those needs can be an even greater challenge

We were able to do this for National Welfare Rights Network (NWRN) now known as Economic Justice Australia

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Research for fundraising

We have conducted qualitative and survey research with sponsors and donors for arts organisations

We found out what would motivate people to donate, and how the organisation can foster a sense of philanthropy among members and stakeholders, and answering such questions as : What programme would suit donors best? What stories work best in our newsletter?

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Not for profits often have complex problems to solve

In our experience not for profit organisations often have complex problems to solve - especially how to communicate effectively to customers, members and other stakeholders.  Researchers need to understand of course the limited budgets that these organisations work with.

We have developed efficient ways to help our not for profit clients understand their market by focusing on the information that will be of most use, whether that is:

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