The five things you should know when targeting older consumers

Many of our corporate and policy clients want to understand their older customers and users better, especially in terms of how this group use digital resources.

As a result, we at Susan Bell Research have enjoyed many great conversations with people in the ‘older’ age group. We have also talked to specialists on ageing, and drawn on insights from psychology about how people age.

All of this has told us that the organisations most likely to have older customers happily using digital resources are those who understand these five things:

  1. Older people vary in how familiar they are with digital resources. Assume nothing.
  2. The best digital experiences for older people take advantage of their crystallised intelligence
  3. The less older people have to keep in short term memory the better they will understand your content
  4. How people like to see themselves depicted in marketing material changes as they age
  5. Some people see retirement as an opportunity to relax and escape. For others, it is a time to reinvent yourself

I will be writing a series of blog posts about older people and tech.

The first one is The best digital experiences for older people take advantage of their crystallized intelligence

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