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Susan Bell Research is a research, insights and user-testing consultancy 


We custom-design and conduct research and user testing for superannuation funds, insurance companies, not-for-profits, and government agencies. Our speciality is in gaining a deep understanding through one-on-one in-depth research. We also use online communities and a range of different types of survey to deliver the insights our clients need. We also specialise in the 'older consumer'. We are developing a suite of research services for marketers and governments interested in the over sixties, Baby Boomer, retiree and pre-retiree market. It is a growing but often-misunderstood market. We can help you understand the needs of this age group, how to talk to them and how they use tech.


Our clients learn insights into how to communicate and connect with their users, customers and stakeholders. 

"Really insightful" is a phrase we often hear when we present our insights to our clients. The other one is 'Thank goodness we tested it!"

User testing

Clear and engaging  content is the key to communicating and connecting effectively with your users, customers and stakeholders. That is why we developed a unique form of user testing specifically for written content. We test all kinds of content.

  • We test printed and digital content - such as landing pages, print ads, letters, and disclosure documents.

  • Our user testing reveals the content that is working and the content that is not working - where 'not working' means you are confusing your users, or leaving them disengaged for example.

  • Our insights come from our four-step process which reveals to our clients who their users really are - their mindset, what is important to them, their user psychology and their reading and behavioural personas.


Our approach is consultative, and ideal for clients with difficult problems to solve.


Contact us

For a quote or confidential discussion about our services, contact Sue at Susan Bell Research: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our research and insight services


We bring academic and professional expertise in research, language and psychology

We bring our deep knowledge of psychology and language to everything we do. We conduct all forms of research including surveys and ethnography but are also known as one of the experts in qualitative research in Australia.

Our work is informed by design thinking.

We are based in Sydney, Australia and mostly work for financial services, not for profit, and government agencies and have done for over three decades. 


We take the time to understand you

Let one of our clients tell this story:

"Susan helped us conduct market research into potential audiences and best use of digital channels.  She took the time to really understand what we were trying to achieve, proposed workable solutions that fit our budget, brief and timelines, and was flexible, approachable and responsive throughout our project.”

You can trust us

We are proud to be long-term members of the professional association for researchers, the Research Society.




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