• Sensemaking explains 'why?'

  • We help our clients make sense of human behaviour

  • We help our clients see how people really make decisions

  • We help our clients make their documents make sense

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We custom-design research based on social science. Contact suebell@sbresearch.com.au


    Are you looking from some fresh thinking? We are original thinkers whose insight comes from understanding what people do, think and experience. We are problem-solvers who help our clients make sense of products, markets and audiences using primary research and analysis of language and imagery.

    Are you looking for highly-skilled experienced researchers working to high ethical standards? We can help you with business-to-business, government-to-business, government-to-citizen and business-to-consumer research. We use contemporary and traditional qualitative and quantitative methods.

    We use a Sensemaking framework to help our clients 'make sense of' the behaviour of customers, citizens, and stakeholders - to reveal why they behave as they do. We also help clients make sense to their customers, citizens, and stakeholders by conducting plain language research.

Who we are

We are researchers who help our clients make sense of things.  

We are:

  • A boutique market and social research insights agency 
  • Based in Sydney. 
  • Researchers who think carefully and deeply about all of our projects, because each project is unique and deserves our time and consideration.
  • Original thinkers. Expect us to be different.
  • Social scientists. We bring research expertise and academic knowledge from linguistics, literature, psychology, sociology, marketing and ethics.

Expect the personal attention of a senior researcher:

  • The agency is led by Sue Bell who is a Fellow of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS), a Fellow of the AMI and regular speaker at conferences and seminars on the topic of research.  Other team members are: Suzanne Burdon, Jane Gregory, and other researchers who work with us from time to time.

We belong to:

  • The Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS), abide by the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour,  and have Qualified Professional Researcher (QPR) accreditation which means that we are committed to ongoing professional development. QPR is an accreditation from AMSRS for market and social researchers who possess broad knowledge, experience and skills in both qualitative and quantitative research. That means that clients can be confident that the researchers on the team understand the uses, strengths and limitations of all the major research techniques and that we conduct our projects according to the high standards expected of researchers at this level.
  • Esomar
  • The AMI

We are ISO20252 certified which means that we have procedures and policies in place that protect our research participants and our clients. We are compliant with GDPR.

We read, study and listen

To retain QPR, researchers must meet a high level of professional development, so you will find us at conferences and seminars, listening to webinars and reading. We believe professional development is essential. Researchers who do not keep up thier professional development risk becoming ossified and narrow in their thinking. That is not us!

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