Are you or your clients puzzled by how the people in your marketplace behave?  Do you need to make sense of what they are doing?

When the way forward is clear, people decide or choose what to do and then do it. When the way forward is difficult to see because the world is complex, people have a natural drive to 'make sense of it'.  They make sense of it in a way that is personal to them. This may result in behaviour which is very different from the behaviour that you as a marketer or policy maker expects.

Therefore, you need to understand how they have made sense of it.

We are experts at understanding how people make sense of their experiences and the behaviour.

Our sensemaking expertise came out of our social science training and the the hundreds of interviews we have conducted with people who needed to make sense of sense of the complex and evolving situations they were in. We use our sensemaking expertise for clients whose markets are complex or changing. 


"It makes perfect sense, if you think about it - and it is our job as researchers to do that thinking."

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