Do you need to understand how customers and users think and feel about insurance, superannuation, investment or retirement?

We have conducted thousands of interviews with the users of financial services of all kinds, as well as hundreds of interviews with financial planners and brokers.

To help our clients understand and respond to emerging issues in this sector we conduct user and customer research about financial advice, financial literacy, personal, business and general insurance, investment, superannuation and retirement, and compliance and regulatory issues.

We understand how to research investors, shareholders, superannuation fund members, financial planners, and their clients; people paying for their funeral; income protection insurance, trauma insurance,  life insurance, direct life insurance, personal injury insurance, general insurance; reverse mortgages. 

We have researched new business processes, claims, and complaints.


Insurance in superannuation

ASIC has released the report we wrote for them about the experiences of superannuation fund members wanting to make changes to or seeking information about their insurance in their super. The report can be accessed here.

This report illustrates on of the key themes we are seeing in all our financial services research: the dynamic between a desire for self-service on the one hand, and the need to understand complex information on the other.

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Research with retirees and pre-retirees

The years before retirement in Australia is a time of transition, that is partly behavioural but is also a search for meaning and a rethinking about identity.

Lots of changes can happen at this time. Some people cut back on their work hours, some people retire and then go back to work. The decision to retire is (of course) partly about money. Many pre-retirees worry that they will not have enough to live on. But it is not just about the money.

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