You come to us for surveys because of the care we take

  • Care

    We take care when designing surveys. We must ensure that the survey is an independent and unbiased measure of opinion. Our advice is to allow time upfront. Do not hurry this. We get results because we make sure that our surveys are short, well-written, easy to complete and designed specifically for that audience. 
  • Who & who for

    We have surveyed CEOs of the major banks, wealthy arts donors, and senior people in government as well as welfare recipients, cyber security professionals, and investment bankers. We have conducted survey research for government, financial services organisations, arts companies and many others.  
  • Methods

    Survey methods: we use online, telephone (CATI) and face to face data collection methods. We will advise you which method or methods to use. We write the questions, and in some cases script and launch the survey. We pilot test always. We de-identify and encrypt where needed. We analyse, report and interpret survey data.      
  • Survey types

    We have designed and conducted audience and readership studies, attrition studies (lapsed users), communications audits, concept tests, customer experience surveys, packaging tests, product tests, stakeholder surveys, tracking studies, and usage and attitude surveys, We custom-design to your brief.