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We use a diverse mix of traditional and contemporary methods, both online and offline. 


We have expertise in all the major qualitative and quantitative / survey methods, which we use alone or mix and match. A feature of our work is that we avoid simplistic generalisations about research method. For example, sometimes, focus groups are the right method and the sometimes the wrong method. The same is true of all methods. We know that insight comes from a mix of direct, indirect questions including projective and implicit techniques.  We use direct questions when we know that our participants can tell us the answer, for example 'how old are you?'. We use indirect questions when we know they can't, for example what motivated them to act in a certain way.

  • Projective techniqiues include drawings, mood boards, and third-person questions
  • Implicit techniques include activities and tasks, observation, semiotics and discourse analysis.

We use our knowledge of language to create high levels of participation and engagement

Insight comes when people partcipate in and engage with research. We bring our knowledge of language to how we design research, to achieve that engagement.  We also gain insight from our use of language in analysis, including text analytics.  


The work we do

  • Communications testing and audits
  • Customer experience and journeys
  • Product development
  • Packaging development 
  • Service experience assessments
  • Stakeholder surveys


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