We help government agencies and not-for-profit organisations develop and communicate their services

We have worked on:

√  Audience research for the Arts

√  Sponsorship and donation research for the Arts

√  Audience and readership for magazines and newsletters

√  Brand positioning for not for profit organisations

√  Client satisfaction for not for profit organisations 

√  Stakeholder surveys for government agencies

√  Service journeys for victims of crime

√  Service journeys for victims of motor vehicle accidents


In the disability and aged care sector, we have worked with

√ Victims of crime

√  People with a disability including dementia, and their carers

√ Recipients of social security.

What messages will resonate most with our audience?

Many organisations have so much to communicate to their customers, potential customers or members that is sometimes hard to know what message will resonate the most.

Many have a limited budget so want to ensure that they focus on the most effective messages. Finding out what people know, what they value, and the language they use to describe these values is the first step in creating meaningful communication.

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How do we add value for our stakeholders?

A real challenge for not-for-profit clients is gaining independent and objective feedback about how well they are meeting the needs of their stakeholders, especially when stakeholder needs can be very diverse. Predicting those needs can be an even greater challenge

We were able to do this for National Welfare Rights Network (NWRN) now known as Economic justice Australia

Our report concluded: "This research has demonstrated that the National Welfare Rights Network (NWRN) provides a highly valuable service to people seeking assistance with Social Security problems, whether the service delivered is ‘advice’ or ‘casework’. The casework interviews revealed that the NWRN centres provide a seemingly unique service, which combines knowledge of Social Security legislation, a responsive and caring approach to client service, and a method of contact which people living in poverty can afford. Both the casework interviews and the advice survey indicate that other legal assistance providers including Legal Aid and Tribunals make referrals to NWRN as a specialist service in this field. "

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What services do our members - or donors - want?

Are you feeling that you can't develop products and services for your members because you feel you don't know enough about them?  

Are you asking questions like these: What services do our members want? What benefits are they looking for? How should we communicate to them?

Are you an arts organisation or a charity?  If so we understand how competitive your landscape is. You really need to know what would motivate people to donate to you rather than others in your field. How can you foster a sense of philanthropy among your members or stakeholders? What programme would suit donors best?

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Who is our target market and what do they really want?

Our core aim is to help our clients understand their target market better. To do that, we uncover who your market is, what they really want, what they need, what motivates them and how they make sense of their world.

The steps in a target market analysis usually are:

  1. Who: Who your customers or potential customers are. In some markets, you may need to know simple demographics, for business markets the key measures may be role and industry.
  2. Behaviour: Next, discover their current behaviour. What do they do, use or buy, how often, where  etc. 
  3. Motivations: what drives these customers or customers? What are they looking for? Why do they buy from your competitor?
  4. Information sources: where do they go for information?
  5. and more, as relevant to your brand or market


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