The crested Bellbird is our symbol. It is a native Australian bird with a  beautiful and distinctive song that can be heard across long distances. Similarly you can be assured that our excellently-crafted research will have long-lasting impact for your organisation or brand.



Three facts about complex decision-making

Deep understanding of the decision making process can enhance the way an organisation addresses the pain points of their customers and stakeholders.

Here are three key lessons we have learned in our work researching how people make difficult decisions, especially long term decisions like whether or not to retire, or whether to invest in a self-managed super fund.

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NEWS: ASIC has published our report on direct life insurance

It's great to see that our qualitative customer experience and survey research can have such impact:

Our report describes how consumers decide to buy direct life insurance and how they decide how and what to buy. Our sense-making approach to research revealed how  some consumers struggle with their experience. These products are complex so consumer understanding of their features is often poor.

Understanding Retirees using Sense-Making

For our paper ‘Sense-making for Exploratory Qualitative Research’ for the 2018  AMSRS Conference, Suzanne and I interviewed some recent retirees about what it was like to retire. In these interviews, we tested out our new ideas about sense-making. 

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