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  • Consumers' experiences when buying home insurance - and why some of us under-insure

    ASIC has published our report on home insurance.  As always, the report is not just a description of what consumers do or think. The report explains why, by drawing on the evidence of social and cognitive psychology (the kind that behavioiural economics is based on). The insight comes from combining the qualitative  and quantitative research findings with the broader context of what is happening in society - in this case the problem of under-insurance.

    You can read it here:   Consumers' experiences when buying home insurance



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Lessons from digital (mobile) ethnography

MAA Claimants Research

Have you received a letter from the Motor Accidents Authority of NSW (MAA) to take part in some research?

  • UPDATE: We start contacting people next week - the week comm 24th November.

    MAA has engaged Susan Bell Research to conduct this research and we encourage you to take part - we are looking for a wide range of views.

    The aim of the research is to understand the experiences of people at different stages of a personal injury claim resulting from a NSW motor vehicle accident. The research is voluntary and you have the right to withdraw at all times. The information you supply will be de-identified. No identified information will be provided to the MAA or to any insurers or legal representatives working on your case. You can access our privacy policy here

    To take part in the research, you will need to register. You can register online or by phone. The letter you received gives you these details.


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